“Hornbill Festival” is a weeklong festival celebrated by all the tribes of Nagaland. Nagaland has a number of tribes and sub-tribes with each tribe having its own unique festival. However, during Hornbill festival, all tribes of Nagaland share a common platform in celebration of one festival. It is called the “Festival of festivals”.

The Festival is named after the Hornbill, a globally respected bird that shows up in the folklore of most of the state’s tribes. This one weeklong festival unite all of the Nagaland, in one giant colour-splashed hodgepodge of dances, performances, crafts, parades, games, sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies.


24 November  Day 01: Arrive Delhi/Kolkotta

25 November  Day 02: Delhi/Kolkotta – Guwahati.  Drive to Kaziranga

26 November  Day 03: Kaziranga National Park

27 November  Day 04:  Kaziranga – Mon

28 November  Day 05:Mon-Shangnyu-Chui-Mon

29 November  Day 06: Mon- Sibsagar

30 November  Day 07: Sibsagar – Kohima

01/02 December Day 08/09: Kohima: HORNBILL FESTIVAL

03 December Day 10: Kohima-Dimapur-Delhi/Kolkotta

04 December Day 11: Delhi/Kolkotta – Onward Destination